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// JavaScript SDK import PocketBase from 'pocketbase'; const client = new PocketBase(''); ... // list and search for 'demo' collection records const list = await client.records.getList('demo', 1, 100, { filter: 'title != "" && created > "2022-08-01"', sort: '-created,title', }); // or fetch a single 'demo' collection record const record = await client.records.getOne('demo', 'RECORD_ID'); // delete a single 'demo' collection record await client.records.delete('demo', 'RECORD_ID'); // create a new 'demo' collection record const newRecord = await client.records.create('demo', { title: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet', }); // subscribe to changes in any record from the 'demo' collection client.realtime.subscribe('demo', function (e) { console.log(e.record); }); // stop listening for changes in the 'demo' collection client.realtime.unsubscribe('demo');

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