1. Do you offer hosting?

No. PocketBase is self-hosted only. If you are looking for free options for small POC and hobby apps, you can check:

For a more traditional setup you can use any VPS provider that comes with a persistent storage, like Hetzner, Vultr, UpCloud, Linode, DigitalOcean, etc.
The Going to production guide contains general information how to deploy your PocketBase app and some config recommendations.

2. Does it scale?

Only on a single server, aka. vertical. Most of the time, you may not need the complexity of managing a fleet of machines and services just to run your backend.
PocketBase is a great choice for small and midsize applications - SaaS, mobile api backend, intranet, etc.
Even without optimizations, PocketBase can easily serve 10 000+ persistent realtime connections on a cheap $4 Hetzner CAX11 VPS (2vCPU, 4GB RAM).
You can explore the official benchmarks repo for more details.

3. How to run custom code?

PocketBase differs from the other similar backend solutions like Firebase, Supabase, Nhost, etc. and doesn't support running cloud functions.
Instead, PocketBase could be used as a Go or JS framework that enables you to build your own custom app specific business logic and still have a portable backend at the end (check Use as framework guide).

4. Does it support Google or Facebook login?

Yes, currently we support more than 15+ OAuth2 providers - Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, VK, GitHub, GitLab, and many more.

5. Does it come with frontend UI for user login, register, etc. screens?

No. PocketBase provides only SDKs for client-side integration and you are free to implement your own frontend.
For convenience, there are default user facing pages for the user email confirmation links (password reset, verification, etc.) but you can also set your own by updating the urls in the Admin UI settings.

6. Can I use database X?

PocketBase uses embedded SQLite (in WAL mode) and there are no plans for supporting other databases.
For majority of the queries SQLite (in WAL mode) outperforms traditional databases like MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL (especially for read operations).
If you need replication and disaster recovery, a great companion app could be Litestream.

7. Can I donate?

No. In the past we accepted donations (I'm very grateful for everyone who contributed) but financial contributions from individuals usually comes with some "unspoken expectations" and to avoid the mental burden and the sense of feeling guilty when not working on the contributor's feature request, I've decided to stop accepting donations for PocketBase.
If you are part of an organization that offers sponsorships or grants and want to support the project development financially, feel free to reach out to support at pocketbase.io but only if there are no strings attached.

8. Where can I find help for my PocketBase application?

You could always look for help in our public Discussions board, open an issue or feature request or contact support at pocketbase.io.